‘I want to help the world find the truth, one person at a time.’
Pattie McDonald, 2010

Where do I start?? As I look back I realized my cancer was a long, hard journey; but the end results: happy, healthy and alive. I did not only cure my cancer; I had irritable bowel, sinus infection, carpel tunnel and a few other ills.

I am not a physician; however, I believe my body was slowly shutting down in 2002. At one point, before I met Greg Caton, I layed on my couch and wanted to die I was so sick. Then, my grandmother called me from Illinois (she was 101 at that time). She told me to put all of my prescription drugs in the trash, change my diet and so on. Within a week of following her advice, I started to feel better; but I still had to deal with my breast cancer. My cancer surgeon had scheduled me for breast surgery on a Tuesday in June and I had to confront the fact that I was possibly going to lose my entire breast (cried a lot). My right breast had a lump the size of a quarter according the the ultrasound and the biopsy was inconclusive for cancer. Duh–they wanted to cut on me and had no concrete tests. Despite this emotional roller coaster my doctor had me on, I decided to trust her and go forward with the surgery–didn’t think I had any other choice. I am naively allowing doctors to take control of my health.

Then, my new life begins: a friend of many years, who I hadn’t spoken to in over a year, calls me on the Sunday before my surgery. She had heard from another friend about my upcoming breast surgery and asked to meet with me immediately and to cancel my surgery for the time being. A few months back I had started a learning session on meditation and regressing into my past lives (what a wonderful trip). The reason I mention this: I know now it had everything to do with my cancer journey. I was being led to the right people at the right time to literally save my life. At this point I am also extremely curious about how she healed herself of ovarian cancer without Western medical intervention.

I meet with my friend at a motel–it was about half way between our houses, because of the long distance. Also, she was taking care of her sister at the time, who was doing chemo and needed looking after. Sadly, her sister died in September after doing chemo (she was 51). Her sister trusted her doctors and wanted nothing to do with natural medicine, changing her diet, etc. Anyway, she shows me photos of her ovarian cancer tumors (dead and black) literally falling out of her and I am in awe. I know and trust this woman; so I decide to go for it. Besides, what do I have to lose and I might just be able to save my breast. She proceeds to remove the biopsy scab, applied the Cansema and bandages me up.

It has only been a few hours after applying the Cansema; but, my right breast is so painful, I cannot go back to sleep. Deb told me it was going to be painful; but this is worse than childbirth. I have no choice but to take a pain pill and then realize I trashed all of my prescriptions. I took the only thing I had left–aspirin. Needless to say, I spent two days in bed, in pain with little sleep. I comforted myself in believing this was better than losing my breasts and it was. However, in the future, I will know to have pain meds on hand.

On the third day the sharp pains are subsiding and the pain is now a dull, aching pain–not so bad. Deb told me to take daily photos; which I did. She explained that nobody would believe I ever had cancer if I didn’t have proof.


Eschars Form on Breast

On the tenth day this thing, which was the size of a half dollar, was ready to fall off and I am freaking out. Decide I need a bath–that may relax me. I was freaking, because I know nothing about natural medicines/herbs and thought I might bleed to death when the tumor falls off. Have my cordless phone on the floor in the bathroom; just in case I need to call 911. Looking back, my fear was so unwarranted. The tumor fell off and I decided to save it–more proof. No bleeding, no pain and I feel absolutely wonderful.

During this ten day period, I had two pimples on my neck and they were itching terribly. Deb told me to apply Cansema on them and wait and watch. Sure enough–I had cancer somewhere in my neck area. Strange, because I had been going to a specialist for my neck pains and sinus infections for over a year.



Neck Tumors Fester

What did he do–nothing–gave me pain pills and steriods. I had also been losing my ability to grasp anything with my left hand and dropped stuff all the time. Where were the two pimples–on the left side of my neck.

I applied the Cansema and bandaged my neck. This pain was not sharp; but dulling–not bad at all.

The neck tumors, the size of a dime, fell off in about ten days. There are a few scars; but hardly noticeable. I went to Greg’s website and decided to order the Cansema tonic and took it for a few months (Greg’s recommendation). I was also in contact with Jason Vale at this time–I needed supplement/diet recommendations. I cannot believe I am being led to people who I need to be alive and well.



Breast Eschar Falls Off

While my neck tumors were festering, still naive and wanting proof my breast cancer was gone, I make an appointment with my general doctor. She flips out

when she takes my neck bandages off and insists on calling my son for permission to put me in a cancer clinic.

What is her problem–she thinks I am nuts, I am guessing. Really confused at this point. I refuse to give her my son’s phone number and leave her office in tears.

I did manage to get a few jars of formaldehyde from her to preserve my breast tumor. Told her I was going to bring it to her for tests; but decided to never go back to her, ever.


Neck Eschars Fall Off

Long story shortened, I later went to the county hospital for mammogram, blood tests, etc. and didn’t tell them anything when asked about my scars. All tests done–negative.

At this point, I am really confused and cannot understand why doctors are not using this for cancer.

Thus, my research into natural medicine begins. The first book I read is Politics in Healing by Daniel Haley. My awesome angels must be working overtime again.


Neck Healed



Patti McDonald 9 years after curing breast cancer herself photo













Testimonial from Pattie McDonald, 2010


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