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e-Patient Dave was diagnosed with renal cancer or kidney cancer that had metastasized throughout his body, even showing up on his tongue. He was devastated, and very scared, but that didn’t stop him from searching for the information he needed to heal …

After receiving news that he was already dying, Dave wasn’t ready to accept this dire information. He found a physician who used a therapy called Interleukin 2, which drastically reduced Dave’s tumors, and one and a half years later, Dave was forever grateful to be able to attend his beautiful daughter’s wedding.

Now Dave blogs about how important it is for patients to take control and get better care for themselves.

“Patients know, what patients want to know!”

“Let patients help!”

e-Patient Dave, Ted, Ideas Worth Spreading, June 2011

Watch this video to see how e-Patient Dave has turned a very bad situation into an incredible movement of ‘patients in control’.

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