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Lisa Robbins RHNLisa’s passion for natural healing was born the moment she watched her mother pass after years of debilitating cancer treatments. “It was the saddest time of my life, and it was also a major turning point. I decided I would never, ever again, watch my family and friends be tortured by cancer treatments, and not know what to do instead.”

Lisa is the Founder of, a community of people sharing their remarkable personal healing stories; all of them wonderful tales of triumph over dis-ease, of many, many different kinds!

Lisa hangs out at, where you will find delicious healing recipes, simple homemade cleaners, herbal medicines you can easily make at home, and a ton of resources for learning how to apply simple techniques to heal yourself.

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Lisa shares her expertise in cleansing and healing, holistic nutrition and cancer, and anti cancer herbs in The Cancer Journal ~ Heal Yourself!  which features stories of how others have safely and permanently used key principles to cure themselves. Lisa shares her personal journey into the world of cancer which begins with her parents’ struggles to stay alive. After experiencing the emotional pain of watching her mother and father suffer terribly for years, then die after all these ‘promising’ treatments, she was swept into the world of natural healing. You will see her practical teaching style throughout this how-to book, filled to the brim with tips, recipes, resources and understanding. The book is infused with wisdom about plants, food and your body. You will develop a deep understanding of exactly what cancer is, how to kill it, and how to heal yourself … quickly and safely. You’ll love how reading this story infuses you with knowledge, so you know exactly what to do (and what not to do!). Whether you have cancer, or want to make sure you never get it, The Cancer Journal Heal Yourself will ease your fears and give you practical steps and expert instruction.


Just For Fun!

Born in 1960, in Toronto, Canada, where she lived out the first 25 years of her life.

Of Irish, British and Scandinavian heritage, she loves everything Celtic.

As a kid, wore purple, bell-bottom, hiphuggers and white pleather go-go boots.

Raised a snapping turtle from an egg when she was 12 years old.

Grew up in the 1970s raiding apple orchards and riding horses.

Believes we are all related, and that we all want the same things for our future.

Her love of writing started with poems when she was a child.

Celebrated her 18th birthday in an Irish castle, while living in Galway, Ireland.

Became a Holistic Nutritionist in 2004, and graduated with highest honours, in Bachelor of Science in Holistic Nutrition in 2009.The Power of 100 photo

Developed and taught a course on natural health for Fleming college.

Loves to write books that help people understand how their bodies heal.

Spent 10 years experimenting, researching and writing The Cancer Journal ~ Heal Yourself!

Co-authored a book with Janet Beckers, titled, with the chapter, Gorilla Glue Dreams.

Her astrological sign is Cancer, something she is not afraid of anymore!


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