Your Fire Inside


And … It’s inside each and every one of us, like glowing embers patiently waiting for the fuel that will ignite their healing flames.

I hate the deception around healing cancer naturally and I love the fact that people have already cured cancer themselves with completely natural anticancer therapies.

It is so inspiring and motivating to know people who have turned a bad situation with cancer into a life changing event, by finding and using the right tools to permanently beat cancer.

You can know exactly what these people did too, and how they found the cure for cancer and used it to cure themselves.

For years we have known deep inside that there truly is a cure for cancer. You know, we’ve all said it, “There IS a cure for cancer, THEY just don’t want us to know about it!”

Well it’s true! There is a cure for cancer, and if we accept that some of the beliefs we have about cancer simply are not true, and if we embrace certain new beliefs about healing cancer that others have used to heal themselves, then we do already know what the real cure for cancer is.

The cure for cancer lies within each and every one of us.

To find the cure, all we have to do is find the right information.

The right information teaches you what cancer really is, how it grows in your body and exactly what you can do to ignite your innate cancer fighting ability!

There are specific ways to turn on your power, and become the cancer killing machine you really are.

If you are sick of all the misinformation and confusion around cancer and you want accurate information about healing cancer that will truly help you heal then all you have to do is read The Cancer Journal ~ Heal Yourself!

(c) 2011 Lisa Robbins, BScHN, RHN, CTT

Author: The Cancer Journal ~ Heal Yourself!

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